As a Financial Services Copywriter, I understand the written word can help others improve their financial station in life.

As a Christian Copywriter, I understand the written word can guide others closer to Christ.

As a Self-Help Copywriter and Survival Copywriter, I understand the written word can help save or improve the quality of one’s life.

In these industries, and others, my copy is focused on improving the lives of others through the written word.

Let’s face it…

The ability to clearly communicate your message, to the right market, using the right media, is a valuable skill.

It’s why good copywriters are in high demand.

I have written hundreds of promotional emails, articles, sales letters and video sales letters.

I have created scripts for, and delivered hundreds of webinars, tele seminars and live speaking engagements…resulting in millions of additional revenues for my own, and client companies.

“Before hiring David and his team, I couldn’t get my prospect’s attention. Since we’ve started working together, our business has exploded with new leads and opportunities.”

Ben Fanning
Ben Fanning Training LLC

You can view samples by clicking here.

Q“What type of copywriting assignments do you specialize in?”

A: I have worked on assignments primarily in the Financial Services Copywriting, Christian CopywritingSelf-Help Copywriting, Survival Copywriting, for-profit and non-profit world. It may seem like an eclectic mix (okay, it is), but the common thread running through these efforts is my ability to craft a compelling story around the product or service.

To simplify my offerings:awai

  • Direct Mail
  • Web Content to include; long form salesletters, video sales letters and email
  • Promotional Webinar script creation, and delivery
  • Teleseminar script creation, and delivery
  • Public Speaking script creation, and delivery


Q: “What are your copywriting fees?”

A: First we have to identify what your needs are, then structure a suite of solutions to work within your budget. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies, to Mom-and-Pop businesses, I understand that the project usually has to fit within certain constraints.

Once we identify the scope of services, I will provide a proposal for services.


Q: “What training do you have?”copywriting

A: Below represents some of my Formal Copywriting and Public Speaker Training :

  • “AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting”
  • “Hypnotic Selling Secrets Master Course” by Joe Vitale
  • “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word” by Joe Sugarman
  • “John Childers Speaker Training”
  • “Train the Trainer I” Speaker Training by Peak Potentials Training
  • “Train the Trainer II” Speaker Training by Peak Potentials Training

Below represents some of my Formal Internet Marketing Experience & Training :

  • Article Marketing experience
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging strategies
  • Bestselling Book Backend Strategies
  • Content Marketing Strategies (Blog, Social Media, Video distribution)
  • Content Leverage Strategies (Leverage one piece of content into multiple media distribution)
  • Email Marketing best practices
  • Lead Generation & List Building Strategies
  • Membership site setup and maximization
  • Teleseminar script creation and sales strategies
  • Webinar script creation and sales strategies
  • Video Sales Letter creation and strategies

And just a little more experience that I feel gives you better understanding of who you would be dealing with…

  • US Marine Special Forces (8 years)
  • Hawaii Ironman Finisher (multiple Ironman finisher)
  • Boston Marathon Finisher
  • Multiple Triathlon Finisher
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
  • Married with 4 Amazing Children


Q: “How do we get started?”

A: Everything starts with Initial Consultation. Simple Click Here to schedule one today.

My repeat customers know how to reengage me and have direct access. The first thing we want to do is make sure working together is a good fit for both of us, and I have the time to complete your project within the desired timeline.

Financial Services Copywriter
Financial Services Copywriter

Primary Niche: Financial Services Copywriter

As a financial services copywriter, it’s important to know that I am the target market representing the demographic and psychographic profile of the financial newsletter industry.

I have been a Stansberry lifetime member for over ten years. In addition, I subscribe to several other financial newsletters, such as Sovereign Society and Oxford…and perhaps more by the time you are reading this.

I read voraciously, be it financial newsletters, news, current events, alternative news.

I consider myself an amateur economists familiar with Keynesian and Austrian economic theory and have been investing since I was 15 years old. I would write more about my beliefs, but unfortunately do not trust putting too much information online for obvious reasons.

My financial services copywriting offers a unique perspective as I have experience in dozens of industries. Having built a 3rd party Logistics business in Silicon Valley during the 1996-2000 bubble years, I have first hand experience with many tech companies, as well as a dozen other industries. You could say I had an insiders view to some of the booms and busts of the era.

In addition, I have worked for the government (US Marine Corps), Fortune 500 companies, several start-ups and even founded a company, with partners, that went from inception to a publicly-traded company within 3 years.

Primary Niche: Christian Copywriting:

As a copywriter and Christian, I am especially interested in moving people to faith, or strengthening their faith. The power of the written word to do this is proven.

Whether writing for large faith-based organizations, or weekly bulletins for church, all faith-based organizations, and individuals can benefit from receiving inspired words.

With my unique background, the faith-based organization benefits from my military service, and lifelong association with God. In addition, having grown up in a family business, and been part of large, medium and several start-up businesses, I have a unique understanding of what it takes to create profitable promotions.

You should know that my faith guides my writing.

My Secondary Niches:

Survival Copywriting and Marketing – I am the target market and possess authority in the field, as I served in a Special Operations unit of the US Marine Corps for 8 years (Force Reconnaissance). As such, I am very familiar with, and passionate about, survival training. I find it endlessly fascinating and have personal experience with using various techniques and equipment.

I understand the niche, market and messaging to capture this market’s attention.

AWAI Trained Copywriter
AWAI Trained Copywriter

Self-Help Copywriting and Marketing – I spent about 10 years serving this market. First, as a customer of various home study programs and seminars, spending well over $50,000 on various products and programs.

Next, I worked with some of the biggest names and bestseller authors to grow their businesses through copywriting, email marketing, tele-seminars, webinars and platform selling (selling from the stage).

One client had a NY Times bestselling book. I proceeded to co-create and sell enrollment into a high-end program, via email, online sales page, and live public speaking. Program sales eclipsed $1.5 million over 18 months.

For another client, I helped create and sell the largest coaching program in North America. For this program, I used email marketing, online webinars and teleseminars, and public speaking. By the end of 12 months, the program was generating over $5 million per year.

You can view samples by clicking here.

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