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You have the opportunity to hire a copywriter with a wealth of experience across industries, with a history of over-achieving in; Marketing, Copywriting, and Presentations, along with diverse experience, across industries which include; start-ups, corporate, and the military.

AWAI Trained Copywriter
AWAI Trained Copywriter

This means, your copy gets a fresh, diverse and rich voice of someone with unique worldly experience.

He is the target-market.

He represents the demographic and psychographic profile of the financial newsletter customer. He has direct experience in the survival market and have served the self-help market for over 10 years.

David Koons has a track record of success, who is; a long-standing financial newsletter subscriber, familiar with the authors, personalities and language unique to financial newsletter promotions.

Financial Copywriter
Financial Copywriter

You are getting a formerly trained copywriter through the AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Course. This means you are hiring someone with professional knowledge, outlook and understanding of the copywriting process and profession.

You get someone with over 15 years of marketing experience, to include writing; autoresponder sequences, landing and squeeze page copy, product descriptions, sales letters, video sales letters, webinar and teleseminar scripts, broadcasts, branding and other sales copy as needed.

You should know that David Koons loves marketing, and considers copywriting as the pinnacle of marketing activity. It requires the deep understanding of both the prospect and product.

It is vital to understand the prospects emotions (fears, frustrations, desires), as well as understand the features, and more importantly, the benefits of the product or service being offered.

David Koons has two decades experience delivering sales presentations ‘from the stage’ and understand the dynamics of structure, flow, emotion, pacing and closing the sale.

As a former member of US Marine Special Operations, he looks at each task or assignment as a mission, and in the Marines, they simply accomplish the mission, there is no “try.”

Small Business Experience

As someone who has hired and/or employed over 100 people over the years, a main concern is how do my ambitions connect with your desires? How do you ensure you don’t waste your time training someone who doesn’t work out?

Simple, you look for someone with the right heart, track record, commitment, attitude, work ethic and is coachable. David fits that description.

By bringing me into your copywriting stable, you get someone who is no stranger to hard work. Someone who has excelled in all areas;

  • Business success through building several multi-million businesses
  • Military success demonstrated through 8 years with elite special operations unit
  • Athletic success through completion of numerous marathons, triathlons and Ironman triathlon events
  • Relationship success with loving wife and four wonderful children

…and that means there’s a greater likelihood of a successful business relationship, saving you time and money.


David’s business experience is diverse and spans many industries. He created a warehousing and distribution business unit, for Expeditors International (EXPD), and built it from $0 to revenues of $5 million annually in 3 years. He was also voted Product Manager of the Year for this effort.

This occurred in San Francisco during the bubble years from 1996-2000. Handling the logistics for many technology companies, gave me a greater understanding of the inner-workings of companies like; Logitech, Kyocera, Nvidia, Costco, GAP, HP, Motorola, Xilinx, PE Biosystems and many others. He even sold, setup and ran Logitech’s North American Distribution Center for three years.

David Koons is very motivated to work with you and your team.

By working with David, you can rest assured that you have brought on a good business building copywriter, with a proven track record of success, experience in numerous industries and is open, and extremely willing, to become an outstanding copywriter for your organization .

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