dgk-profileYou may be surprised to learn my path to being a copywriter started in a small family business. From learning to load, and unload, a truck of steel, to welding, bookkeeping and eventually selling, I learned a thing or two about business.

I used this experience, and what I gleaned in the US Marines, to build my first multi-million dollar company.

Now, you may be thinking, “what’s that have to do with copywriting?”



“All you need to do is talk with David for a few minutes and you’ll realize you need to be in business with him. He knows how to start, grow and sell a successful business. And his background and experience bring a unique perspective to his copywriting that I find refreshing.”

Garett Clark, Copy Chief, StreetAuthority.com

Let’s face it.

It’s about Profitable Promotions.


My name is David Koons. As a Copywriter, I am focused on one thing. Delivering Profitable Promotions.

The farther on you read on my website, you’ll begin to understand how we deliver profitable promotions, online and off.

awaiWe do this through the written word of copywriting for direct marketing, long form sales letters, landing pages, video sales pages, email or numerous other media.


Through the spoken word of public speaking, webinars and video sales letters.

You know it’s about crafting a powerful message for the right people, in a compelling way, at the right time.

“It isn’t everyday that you encounter someone with the business-building background and unique life experience like David.”

Ron Davies, Internet Marketer


Who Works with David?

You should know that I work with marketing departments, executives, small businesses and entrepreneurs. 
I work with businesses, big or small, who already understand the value of powerful copywriting and marketing.

By clicking on the following words, you will begin to discover more about the services offered; Marketing, Copywriting, Speaking & Training, Coaching, About David, Contact.pwaFill out the form below to setup an “Initial Consultation” or to learn more:

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